Speak Up, Peer Up, Lead Up! We are excited to announce that enrolments are now open for BEING Leadership Academy.

“BEING Leadership Academy will provide transformative, inclusive education, providing a safe space for diversity, collaboration, and sharing the individual learning experience.” – Janette Curtin, Manager, BEING Leadership Academy.

This progressive, consumer-led program provides the opportunity to engage with other learners, share knowledge, and foster positive relationships.

We marked the launch of BEING Leadership Academy via a digital event on Thursday, 25 February 2021, which is now available to stream on-demand.

Tune in to the video below to hear the panel discuss:

  • Why we created the BEING Leadership Academy
  • Speak Up, Peer Up, Lead Up: The range of new short courses and workshops on offer
  • The development process: our partnership with Nottingham Recovery College, UK to co-produce and co-design courses soon to be offered
  • How you can become involved and the eligibility and enrolment process

BEING – Mental Health Consumers CEO, Irene Gallagher says

“BEING Leadership Academy is a significant program for our organisation and it is certainly one we whole heartedly believe in.”

To learn more about this exciting program and to enrol for the courses on offer, head to https://being.org.au/being-leadership-academy or send your email enquiries to bla@being.org.au

To watch the digital launch event, view the recording below.