In the five years to June 30th 2023, 54 people with mental health issues died as a result of the police being dispatched as first responders to a mental health incident. Too often the intervention of uniformed, armed police officers acts to escalate rather than de-escalate a situation with the consumer feeling cornered and threatened.

BEING, in conjunction with Mental Health Carers and other legal and human rights advocates are preparing a joint, open letter to NSW Premier Minns, and the Ministers for Mental Health and Police demanding a review of the use of police as first responders and recommending a solution that promotes the involvement of those with a lived experience of mental health issues (eg peer workers or clinicians,) as well as mental health training that includes first-hand stories by people with lived experience for all police officers.

Real-life stories are incredibly powerful in this kind of advocacy.

We want to include a dossier of personal stories from consumers and family/friend carers, providing evidence that the police are not the best first responders to a mental health episode. If you are someone who’s had a bad experience as a result of the police response to a mental health incident, or if you are a carer of a mental health consumer who has, please share your story by completing the form below.

Share your story: End police as mental health first responders

Whilst the form asks for your personal details so we can contact you if necessary, it is your choice whether to be identifiable with the story you share. You can remain anonymous.

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