A “position paper” is a formal, written report that outlines an organisation’s interpretation and recommendations regarding a particular matter. For an advocacy body like BEING, a position paper is one way for us to put our organisation’s views on the public record to which we can direct decision-makers to influence systemic change.

Our policy team use consumer feedback to help identify priority topics on which to develop a position paper. The detail and content of these position papers is heavily influenced by our members’ experience. Before a position paper can be published by BEING it must be endorsed by the BEING board.

Please find below a list of our current position papers. Click on a graphic to view the paper in full.

While BEING values the work undertaken by NSW Health to reduce episodes of seclusion and restraint, we believe that five years after the completion of the review, “Mental Health Safety and Quality in NSW: A plan to implement recommendations of the review of seclusion, restraint and observation of consumers with a mental illness in NSW Health facilities” and three years after the finalisation of the new policy directive1 it is time to review the progress made…
To ensure elimination of the use of excessive force in responding to mental health crises, BEING is committed to increased mental health training hours for police in NSW and greater collaboration between police and mental health workers.

Given the limited resources available to support police to engage more effectively with mental health crises it is important that all options are explored…

BEING believes that to ensure that consumers have choice when it comes to government mental health services there should be a balance between clinical and peer-run services in government-funded mental health services. But for this to be sustainable it is important that peer workers are appropriately supported and that their role is understood and valued by their non-peer colleagues.