Our Vision

For all people with a lived/living experience of mental health issues to engage as valued members in the communities they choose without stigma or discrimination.

Our Purpose

To ensure that the voices of people with lived/living experience of mental health issues are heard by decision makers, service providers and the community with a focus on systemic advocacy.

BEING does not offer individual advice. Our role is to advise the State Government; we influence the decisions which will impact on your experience of using mental health services.

Our Values

The lived experience of people is fundamental to all that BEING does and our work is underpinned by a commitment to upholding international human rights.

BEING holds the following values:

  • Respect and dignity for all to enable inclusion
  • Social justice and equity to ensure participation
  • Belief in recovery to make it possible for every individual to recover
  • Integrity to ensure transparency and accountability
  • Fidelity to ensure the legitimate representation of the views of consumers

Our Guiding Principles

  • Creating space for people with lived/living experience of mental health issues to have their voices heard
  • Ensuring that recovery-oriented and trauma-informed practice underpins all aspects of BEING’s operation
  • The belief that services and a life free of stigma and discrimination are the human rights of every person
  • Providing capacity-building opportunities for all people with lived/living experience to grow
  • Ensuring that everything that BEING does is consumer-led