Thank you to everyone who attended our 30th Anniversary Conference and Gala Dinner on November 8th, 2022!

In 1992, the NSW government established the NSW Community Advisory Group – Mental Health, to put lived experience at the centre of the state’s mental health strategy. The CAG was subsequently divided into two entities dedicated to systemic advocacy centred on the experience of consumers and carers, which eventually became the organisations you know today: BEING – Mental Health Consumers and Mental Health Carers NSW.

The event, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the NSW Consumer Advocacy Group – Mental Health, explored how ‘hope’ is an integral part of management and recovery, and we heard from experts in the mental health field about the ongoing importance of lived experience informing public health policy.

The daytime conference comprised of keynote speeches, panel discussions and an interactive session reflecting on our progress to date and looking to the future.

The evening dinner, with keynote speakers, was a great opportunity to celebrate the people who established and have led our mission over the first 30 years and a wonderful opportunity to catch up and network with colleagues and peers.

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