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BEING Leadership Academy offers a range of short courses and workshops developed to enhance knowledge, build skills and to open educational pathways for people living with mental health issues in Australia. 

The BEING Leadership Academy focuses on delivering consumer-led, progressive, and inclusive education. Using a collaborative approach to adult education, BEING Leadership Academy aims to engage with consumers, share knowledge and provide education opportunities while fostering positive relationships within our diverse community.

BEING Leadership Academy consulted with our co-design committee in 2021 to ensure lived experience, a recovery-oriented approach, and trauma-informed practice informed each course. Courses are delivered online and facilitated by experienced and skilled Peer Educators.

BEING Leadership Academy has three key education streams – Speak Up, Peer Up and Lead Up – each offers short courses targeted at specific audiences and learning levels.

Please note that interested participants do not have to meet these criteria to enrol. This information aims to support participants’ understanding of the level of learning they can expect. We will accept all participants interested in attending.

For more information on these educational streams and learning pathways and to find out how to enrol, click the links below or email us at

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Speak Up

Learning level 1: Introductory

  • Introductory level courses
  • Suitable for consumers and carers, those with lived/living experience, volunteers and workers looking to re-visit core concepts.

Peer Up

Learning level 2: Intermediate

  • Intermediate-level courses
  • Suitable for volunteers, mental health/peer work or related professionals and individuals looking to re-visit core concepts and learn new skills.

Lead Up

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Discussion Group

Discussion groups are closed for 2023

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