As a consumer run organisation, all of the staff here at BEING – Mental Health Consumers Inc. have our own diverse lived/living experiences of mental health issues and suicidality.

Some of our team have reflected on their own experiences for World Suicide Prevention Day, and we hope that it is a reminder that you are not alone, we get it and we care.

“Having lived experience of suicidality myself, suicide prevention day is very personally meaningful and important. My heart goes out to all of those with lived/living experience of suicide attempts or suicidal ideation and to all of those who have been impacted by suicide. In our current climate, it is more important than ever that we all join together to spread awareness and work towards suicide prevention.”

“On World Suicide Prevention Day it’s important to remember all of the things that are important to us in the world and which provide us with the hope to continue on. These might be our pets, or our family, or even a memory of warmth and connection. But let’s also remember those people who we’ve lost along the way to suicide and those people who need a hand right now as well!”

“Suicide is an important issue for all our communities, suicide can be prevented, let’s work together to reduce the risks. We are all unique and have a gift to offer the world”

“I think that most of us have been touched by suicide in one way or another – whether it be through our own experience of suicidality or suicide attempts, to having loved ones that we’ve lost. Always remember that you’re not alone, and it will get better (even if it doesn’t feel that way)”

In recovery, I found a sense of purpose and meaning for my life. I faced my demons and found courage, acceptance, self awareness and strength I did not know I had. Today, I wish this for all who feel helpless and hopeless. Take another breath, take another step, life is waiting for you.”

“Life is hard work and uneasy thoughts a lot of the time but the times of beauty, contentment and togetherness sustain me. Choose life, let’s walk together.”

“Having nearly lost my son to an attempted suicide when he was 16 has created a life long awareness and compassion for those with mental health concerns. I joined BEING – Mental Health Consumers, Inc because I believe the work we are doing to be an invaluable service to provide a voice to the community. Together we can provide support for those around us. Please remember, you don’t know what the person next to you is going through today, be kind.”

If you feel alone and need someone to talk to, we are here to listen. Our BEING Supported warmline is open seven days a week from 10am-4pm, and 6pm-10pm, call us on 1800 151 151.