Who is BEING – Mental Health Consumers?

BEING is the independent, not-for-profit, peak body advocating for improvements to NSW’s mental health system by channelling the experience of those who have lived or are living through mental health challenges.

We provide insight and advice to NSW Health and run media campaigns to improve the system to limit the number of people who reach crisis and to improve the care for those that do.

Some of the key issues we are currently advocating on:

  • Finding a kinder response solution to a mental health crisis than using uniformed police officers which too often ends in tragedy
  • Increasing the number of subsidised mental health consultations with psychologists (currently only 10)
  • Increasing access to Safe Havens* for people in crisis

The best way to stay up to speed with everything BEING is doing is through our newsletter, the Mad Monday Memo.

Make a difference and share your story

In order for BEING to improve the system, we need to hear from the people who’ve experienced it.

If you have, or have previously had, mental health challenges, then you’re eligible to become a member of BEING and we’d be thrilled to have you.

Membership is free and confidential.
Join us and tell us what needs to change.

Like all not-for-profits, we welcome donations of any size to help fund our work. If you are in a position to make a donation and would like to help those in mental health distress, please click the button below to find out more.

*Safe Havens – are calm, drop-in centres for people experiencing mental distress where they can be seen quickly and in confidence, unlike a hospital. There are currently only 19 across the whole of NSW and they have limited opening hours.

*Peer Worker – someone who has had mental health issues of their own and now uses that experience professoinally to help others in crisis. Peer workers are often seen as more relatable by people experiencing mental distress than the police or a doctor who can sometimes escalate rather than de-escalate a situation.