MH-CoPES has changed!

The Your Experience of Service (YES) questionnaire is replacing MH-CoPES as the data collection method for consumer feedback in New South Wales public health services. The overall framework remains the same, with action and change being an integral part of the quality improvement process.

This exciting new questionnaire is designed to gather information from consumers about their experience of mental health services. The questionnaire was developed with consumer input throughout the entire process. Your answers are completely confidential, any demographic information that is recorded will not be attached to identifying comments. Most importantly, your feedback and comments will be combined with other consumers’ feedback in reports that will help services see what they are doing well and what they could do better.

More information about the development of the YES questionnaire can be found at – searching “experience of care”.

For more details about YES, please contact InforMH on 88775120 or

Download the YES Resources here.


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