Call 000 immediately if you or someone you know is in a life threatening emergency.

If you, or a family member are experiencing distress please contact one of the 24-hour crisis support lines:

Click here for NSW consumer networks, support groups and other initiatives
Click here for NSW-based information and support services
Click here for national information and support services

NSW consumer-run networks, support groups and other initiatives

SANE Australia’s Carers and Lived Experience forums

SANE’s forums provide peer support for people living with a mental illness or related mental health issues, and for family, friends and other carers.

CAN Mental Health:  02 9114 8150 or 1300 135 846

CAN is an independent, not-for-profit organisation based in Sydney, NSW. CAN’s objective is to support & enhance mental health, wellbeing and recovery journeys. CAN offers local & national peer support services and recovery activities for consumers, by consumers.

Grow: 1800 558 268

Grow is a community-based organisation that has helped thousands of Australians recover from mental illness through a unique program of mutual support and personal development.

The Inner City SUPER Group

The Inner City Service Users, Participating, Educating and Researching (SUPER) aims to provide a place for people to go to and find out and share ideas about recovery.

SUPPORT: 02 9144 1447

SUPPORT is a community organisation that provides mental health services and individual support to people in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Mental Health Magazine

MHM is an information service for people with a mental illness.

WayAhead Anxiety Support Groups: 1300 794 992

WayAhead operates free monthly anxiety support groups at many locations across NSW. They provide a supportive environment for people with anxiety disorders as well as carers.

NSW information and support services

Way Ahead Mental Health Association NSW: 1300 794 991

Way Ahead (MHA) works to develop earlyintervention and health promotion initiatives that increase community awareness of mental illness and improve mental, social and emotional wellbeing for everyone.

Way Ahead also runs a Directory of mental health services in NSW.

Mental Health Carers ARAFMI NSW: 1800 655 198

ARAFMI NSW provides support, education and advocacy for the carers, family and friends of those experiencing mental illness across NSW.

Transcultural Mental Health Centre: 1800 648 911 or 02 9912 3851

The Transcultural Mental Health Centre (TMHC) works with people from culturally and linguistically (CALD) diverse communities, health professionals and partner organisations across NSW to support good mental health.

Twenty10 GLCS (Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service) Counselling and Information Line: 02 8594 9596 or 1800 184 527 for regional NSW & the ACT

Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW is a community-based, non-profit, state-wide organisation, working with and supporting people of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities, their families and communities.

ACON GLBT Counselling and Substance Support Service: 02 9206 2000

Telephone between 11am- 1pm to speak to a friendly intake office who can help you find the right support. The substance support team have their own counsellors with particular experince in alcohol and drug use support.

National information and support services:

beyondblue: 1300 22 46 36

Information and support focused on depression, anxiety and suicide prevention.

Black Dog Institute

information and support for mood disorders including depression and bipolar disorder.

Australia’s leading online youth mental health service.

headspace: 1800 650 890

The national Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds.


A great website dedicated to providing access to trusted, relevant mental health care services, online programs and resources.

SANE Australia Helpline: 1800 18 7263

Information about mental illness, treatments, where to go for support and great online forums for carers and people with a lived experience of mental illness.

Carers Australia: 1800 242 636

Support and counselling for carers around Australia.

Support After Suicide

This website brings provides a safe community for people bereaved by suicide. It provides practical information and resources, a service directory, as well as support services.

Mental Health Australia

Mental Health Australia is the peak, national non-government organisation representing and promoting the interests of the Australian mental health sector.

National Mental Health Commission

The National Commission provides independent reporting and advice to the community and government to improve systems and promote positive change in the mental health sector.

MindOUT! National LGBTI Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Project

MindOUT! works with mainstream mental health and suicide prevention organisations to assist them to be more responsive to the needs of LGBTI people and communities and with LGBTI people and communities to help them better identify and respond to their mental health needs.