BEING is the independent, state-wide peak organisation for people with a lived/living experience of mental health issues (consumers).

We work with consumers to achieve and support systemic change. BEING acts as a bridge between mental health consumers and the government.

An essential part of our role is to encourage mental health consumers to provide input into decision making at all levels concerning the way mental health services are provided.

We gather information and lobby the decision makers about issues relevant to the mental health system. We seek to influence legislation and policy introduced by the government where it affects the lives of mental health consumers. BEING also keeps people informed of what is happening in the state through our networks.

BEING does not offer individual advice. Our role is to advise the State Government; we influence the decisions which will impact on your experience of using mental health services.

We gather information through our interactive website, committees, consumer groups, forums and research about consumers’ experiences of mental health services, the improvements they would like to see and what they expect from government. This helps produce the evidence we need to lobby for changes to legislation and policy.