Louise Meek and Norman Neeson from EEgenda Video Production, a company that develops training and education video resources, are developing a video resource for a NSW Legal Aid training session to focus on providing better service to clients living with mental illness.

The aim of the video is to provide awareness and education to NSW Legal Aid staff and other services about the common issues for people living with mental illness and how staff can improve service delivery. Louise and Norman are looking for a number of people with a lived experience of mental illness and carers who can give insights into their experiences about the barriers to receiving good service. This can include personal experiences that have been disempowering and positive experiences or solutions. While legal services are the primary interest, it is not essential to have direct experiences with these, as the same issues may present barriers in accessing services from other agencies.

Where: A central Sydney location

When: Filming to begin mid-march 2017

Length: A set of videos, each approximately 5 minutes long.

Louise and Norman would like to meet first with anyone willing to participate in the video and a list of topics/questions will be provided in advance. EEgenda can help cover transport costs for participants.

If you are interested or would like further information please contact Louise or Norman on 0412 319 589 or at louise.meek@eegenda.com or norman.neeson@eegenda.com.

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