Here be the full motion on Being’s Constitutional Change.

BEING Has proposed to add the following to Clauses to the Constitution, and this will be voted on at the AGM this year: The change is in regards to allowing organizations to become members:

Division 3 Membership

1.1               Membership Qualifications
(3)   An organisation is qualified to be an Organisational Member if, but only if:

(a)    an authorised person in the organisation has applied for organisational membership of NSW CAG                              as provided by Section 3.2 (Recruitment of Members); and

(b)   the organisation:

(i)                 is registered as an organisation or company to operate or trade in NSW

(ii)                has an interest in mental health and the vision, work of the organisation is not                                                                 contrary with Being’s vision, purpose or strategic goals

(iii)               that has been ratified by the Board of NSW CAG as meeting the above criteria.

(c)    Organisational membership will be classified as Associate membership with membership rights equivalent to those of one Associate member as per 3.1 (2) above

We will also need to add to the following Clause in the same Division:

3.4 Cessation of Membership

(4)   A Member ceases to be a Member of NSW CAG if the Member:

(c) is an organisation or company that ceases to exist or

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