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This year, the Recovery Conference will explore the connection between home and wellbeing, and ways to advocate for communities and homes that support mental health recovery. BEING has asked experienced advocates in mental health to join us at the 2016 Conference and facilitate hands on workshops, to help give attendees the necessary skills to begin advocating in their communities. Attendees will be able to choose from three workshops on the topics of Inclusiveness, Safety and Housing Stability.



In this workshop, attendees will focus on developing tools to advocate for making their housing environment, and community more inclusive for all people, especially those with experience of mental health issues.


In this workshop, attendees will explore ways to make their living environment and community feel safer for people with an experience of mental health issues, and trauma.

Housing Stability:

In this workshop attendees with learn to advocate for improved access to safe, stable, appropriate housing for people with experience of mental health issues.

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