The 2016 Federal Election – Major party Commitments

As the election is approaching, organisations are putting information together to help people decide who they should to vote for. Information about political party commitments mainly include the Australian Labor Party (ALP), Liberal Party of Australia and The Greens.

The Australian Broadcasting Cooperation (ABC) has developed a webpage with a snapshot of the major political parties’ stance on certain issues. This includes the Liberal, Labor and Greens standpoint on issues, such as education, health, climate change and housing.  Click here to visit the ABCs Spot the difference: Where the parties diverge on policy webpage.

Mental Health Australia has created an Election Report Card. This report card provides a summary of responses to the letter Mental Health Australia sent to all major political parties calling for commitment to 5 mental health objectives.

Update: The Report Card was updated on 26 June 2016 to include the recent announcements made by the Liberal party on new investments in mental health. Click here to read Mental Health Australia’s media release for more details.

For more information about political party commitments, each political party has their own website with information about their election policies.

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