This year, guests at the Recovery Conference will explore the connection between home and wellbeing, and ways to advocate for communities and homes that support mental health recovery.

At this year’s Conference we will be asking questions of a panel of services that consumers can work with to advocate for supportive homes and communities. The panellists for this year’s Conference come from a range of services that work to support safe, stable and inclusive communities for people with a lived experience of mental illness. Welcome Julie, Maree, Elizabeth and Shane!


Julie Foreman

Julie is the Executive Officer of the Tenants’ Union of NSW. Julie has extensive experience in community development, working alongside community members on projects such as a community laundromat, community art projects and advocacy campaigns in southwestern Sydney for 10 years. She has also worked for a peak adult learning organization, Oxfam and the Human Rights Commission. Julie has tertiary qualifications in the social sciences and adult education.


Maree Everett

Maree is a Community Development Officer at Sutherland Shire Council and has held that position for 10 years. Prior to council she has worked in Disability, Mental Health and Rehabilitation Services. Since joining council Maree has coverage of the following key areas, Homelessness, Squalor and or Hoarding, Mental Health sector support toward the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Maree is passionate about reducing the stigma that those living with the challenges of Mental Health Face.


Elizabeth O’Neill

Elizabeth has been Manager of Orana NSW Inc. (Formally Shire Community Services) for 16 years. Orana is a local community organisation which receives FACS and Sutherland Council subsidies to deliver high quality programs and services to local residents.

We are a community development organisation and offer an information and referral service, groups and courses on an as needed/requested basis. We offer food services for the hungry and homeless and anyone who would like to join us for a meal to meet new people, and a range of support groups and social inclusion groups, as well as Adult Learning classes for local community members.


Shane Jakupec

Shane works as a regional manager for Neami National in NSW. He has worked in the NGO mental health sector since 2000 and worked with programs such as the Housing, Accommodation and Support Initiative (HASI) and Partners in Recovery (PIR). Shane has qualifications in mental health, training and leadership and is currently completing his Masters in Social Work. Shane is also a resident of the Sutherland Shire.


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