Here are some of the submissions Being has produced:

The submission to the inquiry into the implementation of the NDIS in NSW  submitted to the NSW Legislative Council is not yet available for download due to NSW Parliamentary rules.

Submission to the review of the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 1990 – August 2018

Response to the Draft NSW Strategic framework for Mental Health – July 2018

Submission to the senate inquiry into Accessibility and quality of mental health services in rural and remote Australia – July 2018

What Would It Take to Prevent Suicide In The Community – May 2018

Being-submission NSW Health Seclusion Restraint and Observation Review 2017

Submission to Australian Human Rights Commission Consultation: OPCAT in Australia - July 2017

Inquiry Into The Management Of Health Care Delivery In NSW (June 2017)

BEING submission- The provision of services under the NDIS for people with psychosocial disabilities (March 2017)

Question Paper 2 - Decision-making models BEING Submission [January 2017]

Guardianship Act Review Submission (March 2016)

Senate Inquiry about Indefinite Detention (April 2016)

Lead by Example! Response to the NSW Disability Inclusion Plan: Discussion Paper and Draft Outline (January, 2015)

Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Health: Health policy, administration and expenditure (September, 2014)

Joint Submission to the Interim Report of the Reference Group on Welfare Reform: A New System for Better Employment and Social Outcomes (August, 2014)

Submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Social, Public and Affordable Housing: Much more than just a roof (February, 2014)

Setting a long term vision: Feedback on the NSW Disability Inclusion Bill 2014 (February, 2014)

Feedback on Review of the Mental Health Act 2007 (Phase 2) (October, 2013)

Feedback to Clinical Advisory Council regarding the Review of the Mental Health Act (August, 2013)

Feedback on the Self Report to the Mental Health Review Tribunal (June, 2013)

Response to the National Disability Insurance Scheme Rules Consultation Paper: Made to Measure, Tailored to Fit (March, 2013)

Responses to questions from NSW Parliamentary Committee on the Health Care Complaints Commission (February, 2013)

Submission on the National Disability Insurance Scheme Bill 2012: Made to Measure: (January, 2013)

Submission on the review of the Mental Health Act 2007 (NSW): Stepping into the 21st Century (December, 2012)

Further feedback on Discussion paper: People with cognitive and mental health impairments in the criminal justice system (October, 2012)

Submission on the draft NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan: Getting there & getting back (October, 2012)

Feedback on Supporting Participation & Social Inclusion & Advocacy on Social Determinants (August, 2012)

Submission in response to the Exposure Draft of the NSW Boarding Houses Bill 2012 (July, 2012)

Border to Border: Visions of Hope (August 2012)

Feedback on Shared Care Agreement (June, 2012)

Submission to Inquiry on inter-regional public transport: Going somewhere? (May, 2012)

Submission to the National Report Card on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention (May, 2012)

Feedback and Endorsement of Draft Guidelines for Forensic & Correctional Patient Ground Access, Leave, Handover, Transfer, & Release (May, 2012)

Further information for Social Issues Committee on Domestic Violence and Mental Illness (May, 2012)

Response to Discussion Paper: National Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Practice Framework Project (April, 2012)

Feedback on the Ten Year Roadmap for National Mental Health Reform (February, 2012)

Feedback on the NSW Whole of Government Ageing Strategy (February, 2012)

Feedback on the Draft Guidelines for the NBN Enabled Telehealth Pilots Program (February, 2012)

National Mental Health Statement of Rights and Responsibilities: feedback on draft 2 of the revised Statement (February, 2012)

Feedback on Evaluation of NSW Service Plan for Specialist Mental Health Services for Older People (December, 2011)

Mental health consumers’ knowledge and experiences of complaint mechanisms (November, 2011)

Submission to the Safety and Quality Partnership Subcommittee of the Mental Health Standing Committee, Victorian Department of Health: Keeping it Relevant: Review of National Mental Health Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (September, 2011)

Submission on Domestic violence: trends and issues in NSW Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues (September, 2011)

Moving beyond ‘beautiful rhetoric’: views from consumers and carers on the proposed NSW Mental Health Commission (July, 2011)

Submission on the development of a Homelessness National Quality Framework (May, 2011)

Submission to the House of Representatives Inquiry into Barriers to Participation for people with a mental illness (April, 2011)

NSW CAG Feedback on Case Management – A guide for public mental health services (February, 2011)

Response to draft NSW Health Smoke Free Health Care Policy 2010 (February, 2011)

Submission to Strategic Framework for the NSW Forensic Mental Health System Part 3 Implementation Plan (February, 2011)