The MH-CoPES Framework is currently being implemented across all public adult mental health services in NSW for English language consumers. In order to develop the inclusivity and suitability of the MH-CoPES Framework for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) consumers, NSW Health has funded research including a trial of the Framework with CALD consumers. The trial involved translating the MH-CoPES Questionnaire into simplified Chinese font, and exploring how the processes for each of the 4 Steps of the MH-CoPES Framework work in practice with CALD consumers. The trial took place in a select number of inpatient and community services within the Sydney area.

Initial trials are were undertaken with Chinese language as the Chinese population is the largest culturally and linguistically diverse population in NSW. Simplified font Chinese was chosen as it is understood by the majority of CALD consumers in the choosen trial sites.  A series of consultations were also be undertaken with other CALD consumer groups outside of the trial to review relevant issues, barriers and considerations for consumer participation in service evaluation and quality improvement for non-English speakers.

Based upon this initial trial with and consultations with other CALD consumer groups, a set of recommendations will be made to NSW Health considering how the MH-CoPES Framework can be implemented with CALD consumers across NSW.