The second stage of the MH‑CoPES Project tested and refined the MH‑CoPES Questionnaire and the MH‑CoPES Framework through pilot sites to ensure that both worked in practice and to finalise the Framework and the Questionnaire, ready for use across mental health services in NSW.

Psychometric testing and trialing found the Questionnaires:

  • were acceptable to staff and consumers;
  • consistently measured perceptions of care and;
  • correlated highly when compared with a different satisfaction measure

The Framework was tested by staff and consumers, who agreed that it worked to assist them to act upon findings, work together and make changes. A process for each step of the framework was also finalised to guide staff and consumers.

Consumers and staff noted many positive changes from their involvement with the MH‑CoPES Framework in the pilot sites. For more information on these see the MH‑CoPES Stage 2 Report.

These are the finalised MH-CoPES Questionnaires

For people using Community Services

For people using Inpatient Services

The MH-CoPES Project Stage 2 Report and Appendices.