The Implementation stage of the MH-CoPES Project had three objectives

1. Support each former Area Health Service and ground services through the first year of implementation. Including:

  • Disseminating resources
  • Continued promotion and education
  • Supporting services to tackle cultural and change management issues arising through implementation
  • Support services to implement Action and Change

For the Preliminary Report on MH-CoPES Action and Change in NSW Mental Health Services click here.

 2. Employ and train consumers to conduct analysis of MH-CoPES statewide qualitative data and produce reports of this data to accompany quantitative analysis for the benefits of quality improvement

3. Scope the statewide development and a roll out strategy of the MH-CoPES Framework and Questionnaires for CALD communities for submission to NSW Health. Including:

  • Consultations with varied CALD communities
  • Trial the processes of each of the 4 steps of the MH-CoPES Framework with CALD communities.

For more information on research to develop the MH-CoPES Framework and Questionnaires with culturally and linguistically diverse population groups click here.