Major party Commitments

June 22, 2016

The 2016 Federal Election – Major party Commitments As the election is approaching, organisations are putting information together to help people decide who they should to vote for. Information about political party commitments mainly include the Australian Labor Party (ALP), Liberal Party of Australia and The Greens. The Australian Broadcasting Cooperation (ABC) has developed a […]

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Ways to Vote

The 2016 Federal Election – Ways to Vote Australia is one of the few countries to have compulsory voting. As a democracy, we elect representatives to make decisions on our behalf. It is important that all Australians vote to indicate their most preferred candidate. The election is being held on Saturday 2 July. If you are […]

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Ways to Get Involved or Take Advocacy Actions

The 2016 Federal Election – Ways to Get Involved or Take Advocacy Actions There are a number of ways you can advocate for and promote the issues that are important to you. These include: Contact your local candidate – Write a letter, call or see your local candidate. You can find out who to contact by […]

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