We have recently shared with our members and allies the exciting news that we have received additional funding to establish the Being Learning Academy, and we would like to share with you a little more about the this innovative program and its rollout to the community.

The Being Learning Academy is aimed at bringing consumer-led training, mentoring and traineeship programs under the one umbrella in a program service provision to cater for people living with mental health issues, family and carers, and the broader community.

As a capacity building program, the Being Learning Academy will have a focus on building relationships with the community sector to educate and update on the needs of people living with mental health issues. Second and third components of the program will be in building further capacity of the peer workforce and developing the emerging peer leaders, through training and mentoring programs.

The Being Learning Academy. Photos: Unsplash.

Whilst the specific locations, as per our funding, are listed below we are keen to bring the Being Learning Academy to other regions around NSW. If you are keen to have us visit and your area is not listed below, please contact us to request a visit sometime in the future. Current areas include:

  • Illawarra region
  • Murrumbidgee region
  • Sydney metropolitan areas
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