“Don’t be ashamed about BPD!” is Megan Moore’s message to everyone for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) month this May. Read a short piece she put together to begin the discussions around the stigma experience by people with BPD. Being looks forward to hearing more from Megan about her experiences and expert opinions in relation to BPD later in the month.

“May is BPD month and this year I wanted to raise awareness of the stigma experienced by people with BPD. It has been a pretty interesting journey since I’ve been diagnosed with BPD when I was 18. The most interesting part has been people’s reaction to finding out about my diagnosis. I have had many people, including mental health professionals, tell me that I should not tell people that I have BPD, or even suggesting that I don’t have it. Hinting heavily that I should feel ashamed of it. But the truth is that I should not have to feel ashamed of BPD.

Being diagnosed with BPD was the first time I felt hope that I can recover, because finally I realized that I wasn’t alone. That it wasn’t my fault that I am the way I am. BPD is usually a reaction to trauma, and is actually a completely normal reaction for the brain. People with BPD can be described as having no ’emotional skin’, they feel all emotions very strongly.

This can be extremely distressing at times, but can also be very beautiful and amazing. A person is NOT their diagnosis, no matter what it is, and there needs to be more correct information and less stigma and judgement around ALL mental illness. No one should ever feel ashamed for their own struggles, because we all have them.”

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