UNSW researchers, with the help of National Health and Medical Research Council, have established a clinical trial on the effect of ketamine in treating severe depression.

Black Dog Institute is seeking volunteers to attend a clinical trial for a potentially new treatment option for depression.

Ketamine is currently used in anesthesia, sedation and pain relief, but it has also shown to have an antidepressant effect. UNSW Professor Colleen Loo and her team, are focused on the efficacy of ketamine as a drug to treat depression. Looking specifically on finding the most effecting administration method, including the dose response in the patient. Ketamine does have side effects that can be severe and disorienting, part of the research will also be into the relationship of the treatment with these side effects.

The purpose of this study is to examine ketamine as a potential treatment option for severe depression and bipolar disorder. It has an ability to help the acutely suicidal and those who are treatment resistant.
The study will be taking place in Sydney, Melbourne, Ballarat, Adelaide, Perth and Dunedin (NZ). Volunteers will attend on an outpatient basis at the Black Dog Institute and will involve up to 20 visits over 8 weeks.

If you would like to get involved, or would like more information on the study, please send your details; name, phone number and address, to ket.study@unsw.edu.au.

Check out this link for more detailed explanation of this study.

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