Julia Busquets was struggling to accept her diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder Type 1, when in 2015, she began to write. What started out as individual therapy took on a new meaning as Julia began to incorporate the stories of those who had stood by her during her illness. Their coping strategies found their way in to the story Julia now shares in Friends: How Do You Cope When Your Friend Has Bipolar Disorder.

Being is celebrating the launch of “Friends: How Do You Cope When Your Friend Has Bipolar Disorder”  by Julia Busquets. A handy guide for the friends of those who are diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.


Friends: How Do You Cope When Your Friend Has Bipolar Disorder is about helping those who are friends with someone living with bipolar disorder. Friendships are quite difficult to maintain when you have bipolar disorder, so it is very special when you find people willing to go through the highs and the lows with you. My friends have given their views on how they deal with me and what they do when the chaos and intensity become too much for them. The one thing they all say is, even when it becomes too much, they would never walk away.

After eight years of battling to overcome the stigma and behaviours that crept up, I came to a point of acceptance and now want to help people on their own journey of living with bipolar disorder. My saving grace is the people who have surrounded me and protected me from judgment, criticism, and stigma.

“I have accepted me and my illness now. I am happy with me and proud of what I have achieved, despite all that has gone on. I am happy to stand up and talk about my journey with mental illness and I am happy to stand before people letting them truly know what it is like to have a diagnosis like this.”

The launch is on Friday, 4th of November, 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

(but do arrive around 4 so we can start 4:30 sharp!)

And the venue;

The Collective Purpose Conference Center
Suite 501, 80 William St
Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011.

RSVP right here.

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