Vote Home is a national campaign developed by a number of housing, homelessness and other peak organisations.

Using the Federal election as an opportunity, it calls on the Australian Government to have a strategy to make housing in Australia more affordable, and it aims to get all political parties committing to end the housing crisis by 2025. Vote Home is running a petition and currently has 7000 supporters. You can find out more on the Australians for Housing Affordability website.

Vote Home proposes five key reforms:

  1. Increased affordable housing for low income Australians who cannot afford to own a home.
  2. A renewed National Homelessness Strategy and Plan to end homelessness by 2025
  3. Reform of tax settings on rental properties
  4. Increase Commonwealth Rent Assistance
  5. Address the lack of appropriate and affordable housing for people with disability.

Not having somewhere stable to live was a key issue identified in BEING’s ‘There’s no place like home’ project. The high costs of housing can cause financial stress and make it hard for people to find somewhere stable to live, this in turn can negatively impact people’s mental health. This issue was discussed at the panel discussion at this year’s Recovery Conference ‘From House to Home’. Julie Foreman, the Executive Officer at The Tenants Union of NSW was one of the panel speakers. She spoke about the Vote Home campaign as an opportunity for people to advocate together for more affordable housing, and she encouraged people to check out the website, to get the facts and to support the campaign.

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