About the Peer Work Hub

The Peer Work Hub (www.peerworkhub.com.au) is a new online resource for employers developed by the Mental Health Commission of NSW.

Its purpose is to provide evidence and advice for organisations on how and why they should grow a mental health peer workforce. The resource includes a business case, implementation toolkit and language guides that can be utilised by both government and non-government organisations, as well as case studies and profiles of peer workers and existing employers. The Commission has developed the resource in order to advance the development of the peer workforce, in line with recommendations in Living Well: A Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW 2014-2024. For more background about this resource and its development, please see this media release.

What is a peer worker?

A mental health peer worker is someone who is an “expert by experience”. They are employed on the basis of their personal lived experience of mental illness and recovery (consumer peer worker), or their experience of supporting family or friends with mental illness (carer peer worker). This lived experience is an essential qualification for their job, though they may bring many other forms of skill and experience.

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