June update from BEING

The NSW budget for July 2016-June 2017 was released on Tuesday, 21 June. We haven’t been able to analyse it in too much detail yet, but we welcome the continued investment in mental health. The investment includes $40 million to progress implementation of Living Well: A Strategic Plan for Mental Health Reform in NSW 2014-2024. It also includes an additional $32 million to deliver public mental health services across NSW. We are asking some questions about some of the funding in the budget so that we can get more details.

Here are some other points to do with mental health:

  • $8 million over four years for new non-government led initiatives to prevent suicide in our community.
  • $10 million funding for an extra 67 places for people to access the Housing Accommodation and Support Initiative (HASI) across NSW. The HASI program supports mental health consumers to live well in the community.
  • An additional $2 million funding for eating disorders.

There is also general health funding for new initiatives to train staff for a safe working environment in public hospitals. We welcome the $1.5 million in funding to train staff in emergency departments to appropriately manage disturbed and aggressive behaviour. We want this training to be informed by mental health consumers, so that people experiencing mental health issues are treated in a respectful and trauma-informed way.

We think that it’s important for mental health consumers to be involved in the various initiatives, new and old, and not just as a participant. Let’s all look for ways to shape initiatives, such as some of the new work on suicide prevention.

Here is more information about the NSW budget:






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