In early December BEING attended the launch of the Mental Health Commissions of NSW new paper about medication and mental illness. The paper was developed to tell the story of medication as a treatment for mental illness and its role in recovery. Over 200 people provided submissions for the report, with 60 percent identifying as having a lived experience of mental illness.

Key themes from the paper include:

  • Medication is one treatment option. A holistic approach should be taken and people said medication was most effective when combined with other therapies and approaches.
  • Consumers want to be fully informed about the medication they are prescribed.
  • Consideration needs to be given to the needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, including different perspectives on taking medication.
  • Medication costs add up over time, and a person’s access to medication shouldn’t be determined by their ability to pay for it.

The paper highlights many positive stories where medication supported recovery. The stories included mentioning compassionate and supportive clinicians, and where medication, as part of a broader treatment plan helped them become well and stay well.

The paper is going to be provided to the NSW Government and the Minister for Mental Health.

At the launch, a video which tells the stories of medication and mental illness from consumer, carer and clinicians perspectives was shown. Check out the video here.

To access the report click here.

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