In May 2015, the NSW Mental Health Commission provided funding for BEING to undertake the Champions for Change project.  The project is aligned to the NSW Mental Health Strategic Plan, Living Well: A Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW 2014 – 2024.

The Champions for Change project involved consultation with consumers, who are or want to become advocates for positive change in mental health reform in their local communities. The project aims to learn about what these champions may need in order to support and progress these changes.

The positive changes people wanted to champion related to three main goals:

  • Promote positive attitudes and awareness of mental health
  • Improve people’s experience of services, including mental health services
  • Strengthen consumers’ influence over mental health and other services.

We know that activities are already happening in some of the areas identified by the champions. In August 2015, BEING completed a Consultation Findings Report for this project and is now working with the Commission around next steps, including ways that champions may get involved.

“I thank everyone who contributed to this project and look forward to the Commission continuing to learn from your insights in the journey towards reform. People with lived experience must have opportunities to participate, influence and lead change in our communities.”

John Feneley, Commissioner
Mental Health Commission of NSW

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