Leading up to the NSW Election in March, our policy team was busy raising awareness of the six priorities in our Election Agenda that mental health consumers said the State Government needs to act on: inclusive communities, housing, transport, employment, legal assistance, and mental health education and support for young people.

We contacted all members of the NSW Parliament at the time to draw their attention to these priorities. Some of them responded and we have posted up two responses. One of them is from the Baird Government, and the other is from Alex Greenwich, Member for Sydney. We also met with Jenny Leong, who is now the Member for Newtown, to discuss some of the priorities in the Election Agenda and the need for a whole-of-government approach to mental health.

The NSW Election is over, but we will continue to advocate for the priorities in the Election Agenda. Thank you to everyone who helped raise awareness of the priorities, or supported us in any way.  Feel free to use the Election Agenda as a resource when contacting politicians and others about any of the priorities it covers.

Read our 2015 NSW Election agenda here.

Read the responses to BEING’s election agenda:

Alex Greenwich (Independent Member for Sydney)

The Baird Government (Liberal-National Coalition)

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